Quarantine in Shanghai – Day 2

After a full day in quarantine, I made a list of things missing in the room.

I cannot be bringing everything from Singapore. I have already brought my own towels, kettle and hair dryer, some pantry food to start me with and the cleaning items. Still there were items that needed to be replenished locally.

Supermarket Delivery

Stocking the Pantry

Only sundry goods allowed

Lucky for me, I have the local grocery delivery app. I made an order of different things that I would need for the next 12 days – biscuits, uncut fruits, cup noodles – which was promptly delivered in 30 min. Yes, that’s the efficiency of the Chinese e-commerce ecosystem.

Left at the door

However the things did not come up to the room right away. Things that were not allowed were discarded at the security post, e.g. my order of Coke Zero, instant hotpot, tidbits were all rejected because, I think, you can order from the room service. And it took another two hours before they were sent to the room.


Cut fruits

I have to mention specially the fruits because most of the meals here did not include fruits and one really need as much replenishment of fibre and vitamins immunity.

My own fruit peeler

I have the habit to bring a small knife, peeler and scissors if I have checked-in luggage and if I am going for a long trip. These came on handy in this case.

Pantry Stocked

Full Pantry

One cannot imagine the joy and security of a fully stocked pantry brought upon me.

Loaded Fridge

And a fridge full of Coke Zero and fruits. I am a happy man.

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