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TEN Sushi & Bar @ Robertson Quay

Located by the river is the enclave of eateries surrounding by fancy condominiums. The residents are mainly expatriates so the eateries offer cuisine from all around the world at a neighbourhood price. We ventured there to try the Japanese sushi bar.

TEN Sushi by Marusaya is a casual Japanese dining restaurant. The sister restaurant Dashi Master Marusaya is kappo restaurant just further up the row of restaurants, and both share the same kitchen. The quality of the dashi stock was evident in some of the dishes that used it.


Truffle edamame

There’s a special for getting 4 appetisers at a special price, almost like buy 4 get 1 free. First up, truffle edamame, a very simple starter of boiled soya beans dressed with salt and truffle oil.

Takowasa and grilled mentaiko

Next, we ordered takowasa (octopus sashimi marinated with fresh wasabi) and mentaiko aburi (grilled spicy cod roe). I like the octopus as it was raw octopus instead of boiled ones.

Salmon Negigomaabura

Next up, salmon negigomaabura ねぎごま油 (salmon sashimi marinated with sesame oil, garlic, onion, spring onion). This dish was surprising good – the fragrance of sesame oil worked very well as a sashimi dressing. The oil helped to “cook” the salmon.

Tomato salad

The name is misleading as there are more than tomato in the salad. Tomato salad consisted of seared scallops, peppers, chilled tomato boiled in dashi stock, wakame and other salad bits. Very refreshing for a humid evening.

Japanese fresh oysters

And we rounded up the appetiser round with half a dozen of fresh Sakoshi Bay oysters dressed in Japanese style of spicy radish and ponzu.

12 pcs Sushi Omakase + Roll Sushi

The quality of the sushi and rolls were outstanding for the price. The omakase was only $49++ and it was enough to be shared by two small eaters. If only it comes with a miso soup – that is extra cost.

Nigiri sushi

From left – scallop, amberjack, squid, salmon, tuna, repeat of amberjack

Nigiri sushi

From left – botan shrimp, octopus, chutoro, repeat of salmon, vinegar mackerel and unagi.

Minced tuna belly

And the maki is minced tuna belly.

Tekka maki

And I always end a sushi meal with tuna maki. This was an additional order.

Roll Sushi

Rainbow roll

Princess loves these fancy rolls and we ordered a rainbow roll to share.

Very fancy and full of ingredients

Their version is an avocado roll layered with fresh salmon, tuna, yellowtail, scallop and topped with ikura, ebiko and bits of uni. Very tasty and great roll even when I don’t fancy these Americanised sushi creations.

Service here is attentive and the food came out at a nice pace even though we were one of two tables then. However the place is a bit dark as the lighting in the outdoor seating can be quite bad. Also, I do not recommend an outdoor seat as there’s mosquito and I was bitten quite badly. If not for the bugs, this place would be a nice Japanese restaurant with a friendly price tag. Note that this place does not take PayWave 🙁 so either you have your credit card or pay by PayNow.

TEN Sushi & Bar
The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, #01- 09, Singapore 238252
Tel : +65 6735 0383

Date Visited : Oct 2020

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