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Hua’s Wangfujing 花家怡园 @ Beijing

I have been a great fan of Hua’s especially their flagship at Gui Street 簋街. This one is closer to my office and offer a better environment.

We had a guest from the US and therefore we had to stick to perennial favourites.

We ordered their signature chinese cabbage with hot chilli 花家白菜 – this is the classic Beijing dish that has been made popular by the backstory.  According to urban legend, Emperor Qianlong (this emperor liked to travel around incognito, so there’s a lot of legends about his travels) was again stuck in the street one day and could not go back to the palace. So he asked a tavern to prepare a meal for him. However there’s nothing left in the kitchen except cabbage. So the chef just prepared the cabbage with sesame and vinegar and he loved it so much. Since it has been called Qianlong Cabbage.

We also ordered the braised pork belly and the Beijing petit eight pastries, the latter looks was much better than its taste.

雍正王朝烤鸭 Yongzheng dynasty roasted duck

雍正王朝烤鸭 Yongzheng dynasty roasted duck

The special we ordered today is the Yongzheng dynasty roasted duck. Besides the standard Peking duck that is sliced at your table side, they have a second trick up their sleeves.

雍正王朝烤鸭 Yongzheng dynasty roasted duck

A plate of sacima 沙琪玛, kind of like American rice krispies treats, is served with sliced duck and crispy skin with wasabi mayo, spicy chilli sauce and everyone’s favourite hoisin sauce. Very innovative, but I am old fashioned and prefer the original presentation of Peking duck.

So this one is in a more convenient location and has a much better (and comfortable) decor that the flagship. But the service staff here is quite bad. In fact, service in Beijing is quite bad generally. Hopefully it has improved after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hua’s Garden @ Wangfujing 花家怡园(王府井店)
中国 北京市 东城区王府井东街8号澳门中心商场3楼
Tel : +86 10 5128 3326

Date Visited : Dec 2017

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