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Brasserie Gavroche @ Tanjong Pagar

Housed in a beautiful conservation shophouse on Tras Street, Brasserie Gavroche is a classic French restaurant in Singapore.

Singapore’s answer to traditional, honest Brasserie cooking, Brasserie Gavroche has been a proud beacon of Parisian culture and dining since its opening on Tras Street in 2011. Brasserie Gavroche has an amazing European ambiance and provides impeccable service to their guests.

Founded and helmed by Chef Owner Frederic Colin, the rustic, hand-me-down French recipes enjoyed by Parisians daily have been a mainstay at this charming shophouse. The cuisine on showcase is timeless – classic dishes prepared from the heart and superbly executed with a deft hand and palate, honed over decades of cooking.

1/ Huîtres Fines de Claire N°3

Huîtres Fines de Claire N°3

OK, not cooking required. But the oysters are fresh and that’s most important.

2/ Salade De Crevettes Et Avocat, Sauce Cocktail

Salade De Crevettes Et Avocat, Sauce Cocktail

Prawn with chopped lettuce and avocado with a cocktail dressing. It can be the same dish in an American steakhouse but there’s a certain French class in here because the salad has been properly dressed.

3/ Escargots De Bourgogne Au Beurre D’ail

Escargots De Bourgogne Au Beurre D’ail

Baked snails with parsley butter. I am a sucker for escargots, and always order it if I see it on the menu. I am not a fan of parsley butter, I prefer the simple garlic and butter combination. I read somewhere that the snails are not what they seem to be, the shell and the flesh are sold separately and then assembled. So maybe spare me the trouble, you can skip the shell next time.

4/ Quenelles De Sandre, Langoustines Et Bisque De Homard

Quenelles De Sandre, Langoustines Et Bisque De Homard

Baked Zander Fish Quenelles, Langoustines and Lobster Bisque. Classic fish and sauce, almost like fish cake in lobster bisque.

5/ Steak Frites Et Sauce Béarnaise

Steak Frites Et Sauce Béarnaise

Ribeye with Béarnaise Sauce and French Fries. Great béarnaise sauce made fresh, the steak was a bit over done but still acceptable and delicious, however it was the fries that disappoint. Even the mayo did not manage to save the under salted, hard fries.

6/ Risotto D’épautre Aux Pousses D’épinards Et Champignons

Risotto D’épautre Aux Pousses D’épinards Et Champignons

Spelt Risotto with Baby Spinach and Mushrooms. Spelt is an ancient grain that is a subspecies of wheat. Spelt and wheat are similar in terms of appearance, but spelt has a stronger husk and slightly different nutritional content. People in Europe have grown spelt grain for over 300 years, but it did not reach the United States until the 1890s. In a 100-gram serving, uncooked spelt provides 338 calories and is a rich source (20% or more of the Daily Value) of protein, dietary fiber, several B vitamins and numerous dietary minerals.

Like all superfood, spelt can be difficult to eat because it is not a refined grain like polished white rice. So cooking it like a risotto makes it palatable, in this instance, rather delicious with the woody mushrooms providing all those umami. Can’t eat this as a staple though, the cream doubles the calories intake.

7/ Mille-Feuille


First of two desserts that we shared, a classic pastry served with vanilla ice cream – you can see the vanilla specks in the ice cream, that how good it was.

8/ Profiteroles


And who can resist the profiteroles with those decadent chocolate sauce.

The food was very solid and the wine list was good, but the place had a few weak spots like service (we had to keep waving down waiters like overly eager school children for water refills), attention to detail (where’s the dinner bread? and why are they cold?) and the espresso machine is a Nespresso machine – they don’t make your coffee by grinding beans, they make it from a pod. I will go home for my espresso, thank you.

Brasserie Gavroche
66 Tras St, Singapore 079008
Tel : 6225 8266

Date Visited : Mar 2017

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