Buffet feast in the sky

I flew in one of those non-stop SIN-SFO flight, and SQ decided to attempt a little flexibility on the menu on the flight – smorgasbord on board.

The idea was to allow for the passenger the flexibility to plan their meals, and the number of courses in the meal and the timing of their meal, through the 21 hour non-stop flight.

A very varied menu

Before you think that I had everything at one seating, no – I did it across the whole flight.


A selection of canapés and coffee were served right after take off. And soon after the canapés, one was offered the fresh tomato soup with croissant and dinner roll. And as the flight progressed, one may choose to have a proper meal any time, and which you will be presented with Matt Moran’s special creation for this flight, grilled tuna loin with octopus with baby vegetables, mesclun leaves and yuzu jelly.

Main Course

Two very interesting choices. The first by Matt Moran, roasted chicken breast with rosemary jus with asparagus, sweet and sour capsicums, vegetable gratin and basil-kalamata olives. Three parts to the meal – a vegetable side dish, a gratin and the grilled chicken breast. I never liked chicken breast, but it was a really good combination. The vegetables were like a Chinese-influenced ratatouilles, with a sweet and sour sauce. The gratin was not too cheesy and more like a frittata. And the chicken breast was well-flavoured and not dried out.

Next choice, Teochew-style braised soya duck with yam rice, bean curd and leafy greens. This was the firs time (and only time) that I had Teochew braised duck on board. Although it can be ordered with the Book-the-Cook service, I would never do that though as I prefer to be surprised but what’s available. The yam rice was very fragrant and unlike most reconstructed rice on board, it was not mushy which was a good sign of a good yam rice. The chilli sauce supplied was authentic and the braising was competent. If only they have the gooey, sticky braised sauce like the Buona Vista store, then it would be perfect.


Another special dessert by Matt Moran, the coconut panna cotta with blueberry stained pineapple and puffed rice has all the right flavours in a dessert. The panna cotta was made with coconut milk and the sweetness was balanced with the sweet-sour pineapple-blueberry compote. Texture is provided by the puffed wild rice that is smoky and salty.

Also available was a special petite four, which was an assortment of petite patisserie.

They stopped this idea of an inflight smorgasbord very quickly. I guessed, the combination of the cabin smelling like a restaurant the whole sector and the cabin crew stretched out the entire 22 hours was a really bad idea.

Flight taken May 2018

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