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Ambush @ Takashimaya

This is not a gourmet Italian restaurant or star chefs striking out on their own. Ambush Casual is a foodcourt Italian restaurant that the purists would frown upon. And although it was in Takashimaya, it was not Japanese-Italian if you know what I mean.

Ambush is situated at the corner of the Takashimaya Food Hall on B1, right next to the seemingly endless queue of the sashimi-fish place. In comparison, it looked lonely, quiet and not popular. But it did not mean that it served lousy food. Au contraire!

Soup of the Day – Mushroom

The ordering is at the counter, and you get served at the table. You order a main and for a little more, you get either a soup set or dessert set, with ice tea or garlic bread. You do not get to choose the soup, it’s whatever they were brewing in the cauldron. And today’s mushroom soup – chunky pieces of mushrooms in a creamy soup.

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread was delicious! Garlic bread using white toast bread – looked pathetic, the toast was buttered on both sides and the garlic taste was pronounced. Better than those baguette garlic bread. Well toasted and crispy.

Ambush paella

seafood medley, chicken sausage, bacon, edamame, lemon

Ambush paella

OK, we were fooled by the photo. It was very tomatoey, and had the consistency of a risotto. But Princess loved the wetness of the paella, she always find the Spanish version too dry.

Swissgerman Platter

bockwurst, chicken garlic & chicen cheese sausage served with pasta, sweet relish

Swiisgerman Platter

Goes back to the founder/owner Stanley Ng‘s stint in Luzerne, where he graduated from Hotel Management. These were not gourmet sausages as one would get from Pan Pacific hotel or other premium butchery in Singapore, but there were delicious wieners with that mysterious meat and a crunchy case. The pasta was sweet, like those canned Heinz pasta but in a good and heart-warming way.

Cake of the day

carrot cake

Carrot Cake

And go ahead, put that dessert option in your set meal. For a little extra, you get a full piece of cake, a la carte portion not your typical set meal bite.

Also I need to call out the ice tea – it was like a Southern sweetened tea, and not those Lipton ice lemon tea premix that most places served these days. It reminded me of KFC when it was sit-down diner. Enjoyed the cheap dinner thoroughly.

Ambush Casual
391A Orchard Rd, #B201 / 2 / 4, Singapore 238873
Tel : 6735 1091

Date Visited : Sep 2021

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