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Steam Seafood 尚蒸燚 @ Shanghai

Steam seafood using a pressurised steamer on the table is a very healthy way to enjoy the fruit de la mer, especially if they are fresh. Shang Zheng Yi along DingXi Road was one of the many of such genre recommended by friends in Shanghai.

Dingxi Road – Supper Street

The short stretch of DingXi Road 定西路 is known as the supper street of Shanghai. There’s a long to eat there, and the traffic jam starts at 7pm to late.

I have been there many times as it is very near to my office, and I have been past this steam seafood place many times but not tried it because it was really messy in the front. But behind the dilapidated exterior was a really good steam seafood restaurant because of the freshness of the seafood.

After you picked the seafood from the live tanks at the main door, you can then go back to your seat and wait for the seafood to be processed.


I am now familiar with the SOP. So once you are seated, you make your own condiments.

Steamed sea snails and whelk

Steamed sea snails and whelk

First up, the sea snails and sea whelk.

Unlike the ones I had in Xiamen, these were so easy to take out because of the freshness. However they were all bland, so you would need the condiments.

Steamed oysters

Steamed oysters

These oysters were not suitable for raw eating, we steamed them with garlic and soy sauce.

Steamed razor clams and abalones

Steamed razor clams and abalones

Steamed swimmer crab

Steamed swimmer crab

Steamed tiger prawns

Steamed tiger prawns

Steamed okras

Steamed okras
Porridge at the bottom of pot

OK, the seafood was fresh. But it was not that outstanding in terms of cleanliness of the place as well as the variety. They have another branch further down the road, but according to sources they were different owners. Anyway, it was definitely much cheaper than most I have been to, but not something I would go again soon.

Steam Seafood 尚蒸燚蒸气海鲜(旗舰总店)
Tel : +86 (021) 32515573

Date Visited : Jul 2021

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