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Master’s Baozi 一品名仕包子 @ Shanghai

When there’s a queue, there must be something interesting to be had. As for this queue, you can smell fresh baozi from far away.

It’s 3 pm in the afternoon, time for a tea break. And what better to go with your coffee or tea than a steaming hot bun.

All their buns were made fresh at the shop, and steamed when they were placed on order.

There were only four choices of buns available.

Ordered three of the four

I skipped the sweet osmanthus and red bean paste bun 桂花豆沙包, no sweet tooth.

Pork bun 鲜肉大包

The fresh pork bun was juicy and quite filling.

Vegetarian bun 净素菜包

I quite enjoyed the vegetarian bun, quite different from those in Singapore.

Preserved vegetable bun 梅干菜包

Of the three types, my favourite was the preserved vegetable bun. It was not too salty. But I enjoyed it so much that I bought it three days in a row.

Shops across town, but there’s one right at the corner of the Nanjing East Road pedestrian street, right behind H&M.


Date visited : Dec 2021

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