Land from Down Under

Finally, the Aussie government announced the opening of the borders to travels for fully vaccinated travellers. How long has it been for me to Brisbane?

The last time to Brisbane for me was 2019. I had a very fruitful business trip and several good eats thrown in as well.

Charcoal in bread

That was when I saw the trend of black burgers – the bakers put in charcoal into the bread, and sweet potato fries for a healthier burger. But look at the size of the patty – Australian Angus no less.

Grilled chicken breast

Salads were always fresher in Australia, I am looking forward for more salads.

Steak sandwich

The first time I had a steak sandwich was 1988 in Perth, when I was traveling with my symphonic band. I was surprised that people do put an entire steak in their sandwich. Since then I had many steak sandwiches, and I continue to enjoy them but the only place that sells them is Australia.

Looking forward to my trip to Australia and bite my teeth into one.

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