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Rollie Olie @ Woods Square

After a horrible lunch at CWP, we were feeling peckish after shopping in the expanded shopping area in Woodlands Square.

Woods Square is a new business complex that is directly opposite CWP. It is made up of two main office blocks with new eateries on the ground floor and basement. Everything (including Woodlands Civic Centre) in Woodlands Square is now connected in B1 and you can zoom over to Woods Square from Causeway Point. And the new wing of Woods Square should be ready soon, with a new development happening at the back where the temporary bus terminal is.

Maki rolls and quick bites

Feeling peckish but not ready for dinner, we chose a new restaurant in Woods Square. Rollie Olie is a franchise serving maki rolls, poke bowls and gyozas.

Two halves make one whole

Sushi rolls were made to order, fresh tasting, tightly wrapped, and have interesting flavours, with choices of dipping sauces to complement. What we like was you do not need to order a full roll (of 8 pcs), so you can get more varieties.


The Caterpillar maki roll looks like Heimlich from A Bug’s Life. It looked very appetising with its bits of orange from the tobiko (flying fish roes) and beautiful yellow and green from the avocado. Crab meat, cucumber and jicama (first time I had this in a maki roll) made up the rest of the ingredients in the roll which was dressed with sprinkling of roasted white sesame seed and teriyaki unagi sauce. Yummy.

Truffle Rainbow

Princess ordered the Truffle Rainbow, which is basically similar to the Caterpillar in the ingredients rolled into the maki, but different toppings with addition of salmon and tuna, and dressed with black caviar and truffle sauce.

Beef Cheese Gyozas

For a slight addition, you get a side dish and a cold drink (or soup of the day). We had to do it and ordered a gyoza and a chawanmushi.

Beef cheese gyoza

Beef cheese gyozas tasted like a taco, with minced beef that had been spiced with Mexican spices and cheddar. Quite bizarre, we didn’t like it because of the spices used, but we are the minority.

Truffle steamed egg cup

Truffle steamed egg cup was a plain steamed egg custard (chawanmushi) and topped with truffle pesto. We liked it very much, but would like the custard to be softer.


We just found our go-to place for a quick bite in Woodlands that’s healthy and delicious. Rollie Ollie is popular with the younger set, and the service was really courteous and prompt even though it’s order at the counter. The foot traffic at this side of Woods Square is not fantastic, but they do delivery as well so hopefully they will last given the notoriously high rentals that the shops in this district are commanding.

Rollie Olie @ Woods Square
6 Woodlands Square, Woods Square #B2-02
Singapore 737737
Tel : +65 8188 1531

Visited in Apr 2022

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