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Dim Tu Tac @ HCM

Dim Tu Tac is a Chinese dim sum restaurant chain in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. ‘Dim tu tac’ 點都得 means “anything you want or anything is possible” in Chinese. 

Chef de Cuisine Leung Kwong

The Chef de Cuisine Leung Kwong is an expert Cantonese chef with many years of experience in authentic Cantonese cuisine and dim sum creations.  At Dim Tu Tac, the ingredients are all chosen, prepared in house and cooked by chefs, not industrially manufactured like other restaurant chains. And you can taste the difference in the quality and Flavours.

At the restaurant, the chefs are divided into 3 main group: specializing in kitchen dishes, roast dishes, and dimsum; and dishes from any region will be prepared by chefs from that region.

Dim sum collection

Dim sum collection

The dim sum equaled some mid-tier dim sum restaurants I have tasted in Hong Kong. In fact, they are better than most dim sum restaurants in Singapore nowadays, and that says a lot.

My favourite from the lot was the chicken feet 豉汁蒸鳳爪, with the carrot cake 香煎臘味蘿蔔糕 a close second. Chicken feet, nicknamed the Chinese chewing gum, was full of flavours. The carrot cake (which is actually radish in disguise) packed a lot of flavour bombs with bits of Chinese hams and sausages hidden in the cake.

Heo Sữa Quay Ba Món 乳豬三拼 BBQ Piglet Trio Platter 

Heo Sữa Quay Ba Món 乳豬三拼 BBQ Piglet Trio Platter 

I enjoyed this dish very, especially the roast suckling pig 乳豬. The skin was crispy and the meat tender. That require some level of skill to BBQ the piglet to that doneness without under cooking the skin. The soy sauce chicken 豉油雞 and roast duck 燒鴨 were just passable.

Mì Tươi HK Bò Kho (Khô)  | 柱候牛腩麵 (干撈) | Noodle with Stewed Beef Brisket (Dry) 

Mì Tươi HK Bò Kho (Khô)  柱候牛腩麵(干撈) Noodle with Stewed Beef Brisket (Dry) 

The alkaline taste of the egg noodles was really strong, just like the ones in Hong Kong. Some like it, I don’t. The stewed beef brisket 牛腩 was authentic and delicious, but it needed more time to become fork tender. I wished there would be more sauce to cover the alkalinity.

Good eats in Saigon when one is craving for some dim sum. Conveniently located directly opposite my favourite hotel.

Dim Tu Tac 點都得
55 Đông Du, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Tel : +84 (028) 3826 6668

Visited in Jul 2022

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