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Kai Keiseidon @ Woodlands

This chain store has popped up like toadstools after the rain around the island. And it has a simple formula – affordable Japanese washoku.

Kei Kaisendon 軽 海鮮丼 is a Japanese restaurant that serves delicious rice bowls topped with fresh sashimi and other Japanese-style seafood toppings.

Hotate Keisendon

Chirashi sushi (scattered sushi) is a festive dish eaten on Girl’s Day or other celebratory events in Japan, with a generous serving of seafood such as tuna, salmon, salmon roe and scallop placed on top of rice. It is characterized by the prodigious amount of sashimi covering the vinegared rice, sometimes with the addition of rolled omelet, shiitake and dried gourd.

Keisen-don is actually a rice bowl dish inspired by the Edomae chirashi sushi. It made its debut after WWII, and was prepared by putting a variety of sashimi on plain hot rice.

Anago Keisendon

Today, the basic recipe of kaisen-don varies from place to place. It is commonly served in restaurants, and the rice is not necessary hot nor plain, as sometimes vinegared rice might be used instead. As such, apart from the rice, the dish might be identified by its container.

Chirashi sushi is often presented in a rectangular bento box or cylindrical container, whereas kaisen-don would be in a typical bowl.

Set meal, complete with salad and miso soup

All the keiseidon came with a simple salad and unlimited servings of miso soup.

Side order of ikura (salmon roe)

Order some ikura, it was a decent portion, but the pickled seaweed was not necessary. In fact it “contaminated” the taste of the ikura.

Topping ikura on rice

I love to top the rice with a liberal amount of ikura, give it a luxe feeling.

Set menu with a side

I was a bit disappointed when the gyoza came as steamed ones instead of pan fried. But the little restaurant did not have a full kitchen, so I figured they would have to make do with steamers. Tasted machine made, so you can forget about ordering this.

Always good

The edamame came really late, but it didn’t matter as it was not really that good. Too soft.

The pricing might be cheap, yet the ingredients are anything but. Moreover, they have more than ten variations of kaisen-don to cater to regular customers’ needs, so you can come regularly without have to repeat the menu all the time. And with a clean and comfortable environment, this would a good eat for us in the North anytime.

Kai Keiseidon @ Woods Square
6 Woodlands Square, #01-14 Woods Square, Singapore 737737
Tel : +65 6908 5433

Visited in Sep 2022

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