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Seafire @ Dubai

Spent an entire day in Aquaventure Park in The Atlantis, Princess and I could not bring ourselves to dine elsewhere but at the Palm. We wanted to dine at Ossiano, but due to their newly minted one star they were booked out for months. So we booked Seafire as we had not had steaks for a long time.

Located at Atlantis the Palm, Seafire Steakhouse is a New York-style steakhouse that welcomes guests to experience the best steaks in Dubai curated by chef Steven Fair. After years of working in the United States, Chef Fair came to Dubai and amped up the offerings at Seafire with a thoughtfully curated selection of Australian cuts and Japanese wagyu favourites, all of which make for satisfying, melt-in-the-mouth steaks. 

Like any other good steakhouse these days, they have their own dry ageing cabinet for the beef. I have my eyes set on the day-aged bone-in sirloin the moment I entered the room.

Backlighted menu

I really like this little innovation with a backlighted menu. Most steakhouses are so dimly lit that I had to turn on the torchlight on my iPhone to see the menus. This one emitted its own light so it really helped my poor, old eyes. Plus, the hazy glow did not affect the ambience of the restaurant.

Mocktail and Highball

We kicked off dinner with a mocktail and a highball. I asked for a shot of whiskey in a high glass and soda water as a mixer. They don’t have the actual highball on the menu.

Bread service

The warm sourdough bread was moist and flavourful, coupled with an unsalted artisan butter and a herb-infused butter. A nice garlic and spices flavour on the bread.

Maine Lobster Bisque

Butter Poached Lobster Tail, Roasted Cauliflower, Tarragon Cream 

Maine Lobster Bisque

Like all fine dining restaurant, the lobster bisque was served at table side from a crémier. But unlike most, the bisque was thickened with roasted cauliflowers instead of starch and topped with a quenelle of tarragon flavoured cream. It has a very generous half a tail of Maine lobster, and the bisque was flavourful. It could do better with the blending of the cauliflower; little bits affected the texture of the bisque.

Seafire Shellfish Tower

Maine Lobster, Poached Jumbo Prawns, King Crab, Scallop Crudo, Prawn Cocktail, Local & Imported Oysters 

I am a sucker for chilled seafood tower, and those who have subscribed to my blog would have seen many of these consumed. Everyone of them would feature the usual lobster, prawns, ceviches, scallops and oysters. But what I really liked about this one is the locally source oysters called Dibba Bay oysters.

Dibba Bay oysters No.4

Dibba Bay oysters are the first and only gourmet oysters from the Middle East identified from their white and gold-flecked shell and supposedly meaty texture. I wasn’t impress. The flesh was quite impoverished, and the taste was quite metallic.

The Knives Presentation

Before the steak, we were presented with an array of different knives from different countries. Princess picked the Emirati knife while I went for the British one which was not exactly sharp.

New York Strip 350g

Prime cut steaks are procured from award-winning ranchers providing non-GMO raised Australian angus beef that has been grain fed a minimum of 200 days

New York Strip 350g

We ordered the Dry Aged Bone-In New York but was served the normal New York Strip instead. We just spent the day at the Aquaventure Park, so we were too tired to wait for another change.

Medium rare doneness

It was not our first choice cut but it was grilled perfectly although it did not exactly melt in the mouth because this cut was rather lean. Moreover, this piece of meat was not impressive as it was rather veiny. The steak was saved by the excellent mushroom sauce that came with it.

Gem Lettuce Salad

Tallow Breadcrumbs, Shaved Parmesan, Smoked Garlic Dressing

Gem Lettuce Salad

Basically this is a Caesar Salad using baby gem lettuce instead of Romaine lettuce. But this was one of the best Caesar Salad that we have tasted. The breadcrumbs were crisped using rendered beef tallows. The garlic used for the Caesar dressing was smoked for added flavours. A couple of whole salted anchovies were thrown in for good measure.

Tallow Roasted Baby Carrots

Tallow Roasted Baby Carrots

Many refer to tallow as an ‘old fashioned fat’ because historically, it was the primary fat used for cooking and frying thanks to its unusually high smoke point. However, tallow was replaced with refined vegetable oils (such as canola), when some studies claimed that saturated fats cause heart disease. But whether it’s duck fat, pork lard, or beef/lamb tallow, they add lots of flavours to otherwise rather boring ingredients like carrots. Just consume in moderation.


I have to give high praises for the service level of the place. We had an enjoyable evening. Our server treated my teenager like a real princess, which really made her already wonderful day. The food was already, but we did not have a perfect steak which was about the only bummer.

Seafire Steakhouse and Bar
Crescent Dr Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai 211188 United Arab Emirates
Tel : +971 4 426 2626

Visited Nov 2022

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