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Sushi Jin 鮨仁 @ Little India

Premium sushi-ya in a hospital? That’s what you get Sushi Jin located at Farrer Park hospital. I was there recently for a follow-up and went in for a quick lunch with my sister.

At the helm of Sushi Jin 鮨仁, a Japanese sushi-ya brand under Les Amis group, is Chef Patrick Tan with an all-new menu. The lunch menu offered some value-for-money omakase sets starting at $80 as well as washoku set lunches. I ordered a $80 lunch omakase, while my sister, a much smaller eater, went for a set lunch.

Lunch Omakase 

appetiser, assorted sashimi, 1 seasonal cooked dish, assorted sushi, soup & dessert


The omakase started with a trio of house-made prawn cake with shiso mustard, tofu with century egg sauce and tobiko, and a small slice of sweet potato sweetened further with honey. Good variety of starters, I enjoyed the prawn cake the most.

assorted sashimi

Next up, and assortment of sashimi that included salmon, tuna, yellowtail and sea bream – very fresh, but not the premium cut or variety.

seasonal cooked dish

The cooked dish featured a tofu skin stuffed with chicken, mushroom and bits of crunchy vegetable, steamed and then smothered with a rich soy and dashi-based glaze, accompanied by a few slices of steamed vegetable.

chicken stuffed in tofu skin

The seasonal cooked dish looked solid in its presentation and equally solid in its taste.

The main course was 8 pieces of nigiri sushi. The nigiri sushi were made one by one by the itamae using only the freshest premium quality ingredients. However I am a traditionalist when it comes to sushi and I am not a fan of fancy modern sushi. Mentaiko torched over a piece of salmon to me was a ploy to hide something.


Instead of the usual misoshiru, the soup of the day was a delicious fish soup made from stock made from boiling the bones of tai (sea bream) and bits of white fish. I wished they served this when I was staying in the hospital.


The dessert was two small cubes of plum wine jelly and a ball of matcha ice cream. I liked the jelly, but the ice cream was normal.

Bara Chirashi Don 

assorted sashimi cubes over sushi rice


This is the simplest of all Japanese salad – mesclun salad with sesame sauce.

chirashi don

The Bara Chirashi Don set is excellent as well, the generous portions of seasonal sashimi (ikura, tobiko, toro, salmon, and more) immensely fresh as they are scooped over top quality sushi rice, itself mixed with just the right balance vinegar, marinated mushrooms, and kanpyō (dried melon shavings) to draw out the flavours of the seafood.

seasonal fruits

The lunch set came with fresh cut fruits as dessert.


It’s no world-class joint, but you’re not paying for that too. The high quality of Sushi Jin’s ingredients and service somehow comes without a crazily hefty price tag despite using ingredients flown three times weekly from Toyosu market in Tokyo.

Sushi Jin
1 Farrer Park Station Rd, #01-11/12 Owen Link, Singapore 217562
Tel : +65 8228 7013

Visited Jan 2023

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