Bà Xã Noodles @ Melbourne

I was trying get a quick bite before boarding my flight in Melbourne Tullamarine Airport (MEL). I wasted all the calories.

Bà Xã Noodles Bar is located after the immigration near the gates. The place recently opened and I was looking for a hot bowl of noodles before I board the plane. And I was totally disappointed.

Seriously? Choysum in pho? This was what I got for extra vegetables. Carrots were half cooked. The soup was really bland and lack the finesse of a good pho stock. Everything was just thrown in without much thought or adherence to the traditional pho recipe.


And added a serving of dumplings, four pieces and haphazardly plated together. It came almost 30 mins later, only after several prompting. And it was not hot in the middle, so they did not really boiled them through.

Just avoid this place, total waste of time.

Visited Jan 2023

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