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The Urban Hideout @ Seletar

It’s the weekend and quality with the fur baby. Many claimed to be pet-friendly but only allowed the furry babies to be with the owners and no service for them. The Urban Hideout provides the full service.

The Urban Hideout is a pet-friendly human-catering cafe that has everything the pets and their human slaves can enjoy on the menu. The inside can only seat around 20 persons and their pets. So it is highly recommended to reserve if you want Furry and yourself to enjoy the air-conditioning. Else you sit outside like me in the sweltering 36˚C heat and humidity of tropical Singapore.

We were lucky to get a seat inside without a reservation. I guess this was a Saturday and school holiday season, so many folks would not be in Singapore. Poor Rosie, she missed her friends!

Handmade Pork Meatballs

Handmade pork meatball sauteed with kin+kind coconut oil. Pumpkin purée as dipping sauce.

Handmade Pork Meatballs

They offer a short half-page of pet’s menu, which included fish, chicken and beef. Everything was not salted and prepped with Doggy’s health in mind. But eating out for Rosie will be a hit and miss affair as she is quite picky with her food. This time, she enjoyed the pork meatballs that were accompanied with pumpkin puree.

Her newfound friend, Yuuki the Shiba, also agreed that the meatballs were delicious. Besides catering to the flurry babies, the cafe offers an extensive brunch and main course menus for the human slaves.

Fried Chicken Waffle

Fried chicken chop. Fresh waffle. Maple syrup.

Fried Chicken Waffle

The waffle was delicious, crispy on the outside and fluffy too. I thought it would be a piece of fried chicken, but it turned out to be a grilled chicken chop.

Thankfully I ordered the fried chicken wings.

3-Joint Chicken Wings

4 pieces juicy fried 3-joint chicken wings

3-Joint Chicken Wings

This was the highlight of the lunch. The chicken wings were juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. And the meat just fell of the bone with ease.And they were not small wings, no, they were large sized wings that would beat the Colonel anytime.

Swiss Herbed Rosti

Mixed herbs. Dollop of sour cream. House Salad. Pork Bratwurst.

Swiss Herbed Rosti

Princess ordered the rosti, as she had not tried it before. It was quite flavourful with wonderful herbs and spices. The sour cream was not a good condiment; the rosti needed a better sauce to go with it.

Spam Fries

Luncheon meat spam fries

Spam Fries

And we had a side of spam fries to round off the meal.

For a lazy weekend morning with the four-legged pal, this place was pretty good as it had parking. And they have improved on the food tremendously since the last time we were here. This place has become our go-to with our fur baby.

The Urban Hideout
60 Springside Walk #01-05 The Brooks 1, Singapore 786020
Tel : +65 8879 9722

Visited Jun 2023

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