The Unlucky Stone

The Unlucky Stone

There is a huge strange stone that served as an entrance screen facing the gate. This stone was once called an unlucky stone that will bring ruins on one’s family due to the legend below. Mi Wanzhong was a rich official in the Ming Dynasty who had a mania for stones. He spent all his property in order to move the stone to his house but failed in the end when he had no money to do this any more. The stone was abandoned in a place called Liangxiang. Once on the way back from ancestral worship from the Qing Western Tombs, the Emperor Qianlong found it and showed a little interest. The Hall of Joyful Longevity had its wall and yard built and the huge stone (8-meters long, 2-meters wide and 4-meters high) was too big to pass through the main gate. It was an unlucky stone leading to the bankruptcy of the Mi Family and it was even less auspicious to break the newly-built gate to let it in. Thanks to a delicate interpretation by Liu Yong, an advanced scholar who served as the grand secretary of the imperial government, the emperor and the emperor dowager believed that it was a spirit stone in shape of the auspicious ganoderma fungi which can bring forth spiritual reinforcement to support the reign of Qing. Then, visitors have the chance to see this natural screen in the courtyard.

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