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Heng Hwa fare @ Putien Jurong Point

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Putien is a town in northern part of Fujian province bordering Swatow (my ancestral hometown). The cuisine from this part of China is Heng Hwa food and is down to earth and feature simple ingredients like bee hoon, clams, and stuff you get everyday in Fujian.

Heng Hwa people are not very common in Singapore (most Hokkien in Singapore are from the south of Fujian). Although majority of Chinese are immigrants from Fujian, Canton and Hainan provinces that came in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to avoid natural calamities and civil wars in China to seek a better living in Singapore, not until recently that there are Heng Hwa-themed restaurants. As Singaporeans become more aware of different regions of China, we seek for authenticity in the regional cuisines as well.

Putien features Heng Hwa food, but not exactly the type you get in Putien.

Multiple locations in Singapore. We went to this one in Jurong Point, good service, spacious environment, albeit a bit too busy all the time.

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