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Postales @ The Westin GPO Sydney

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In a recent trip to Sydney, I chanced upon this hole in the wall inside The Westin that served a decent tapas. Usually I do not eat in the hotel, but arriving late and tired, I decided not to venture far. Freshly-shucked oysters sounded good so I decided to walk in.

However oysters were only available at the bar (not the restaurant). And the restaurant was not part of the hotel (and therefore also not affiliated to the bar). Strange arrangement, nevertheless I settled down for tapas.

I can say that Australia is now my favourite place for dim sum and seafood because the damn seafood were so tasty! The shrimps were plump and juicy as was in this case, the garlic shrimp was cooked to perfection and did not steal the show from the fresh shrimps in there. The scallops…oohh… and ahhhh…. my satisfaction said it all.

The rabbit meatball was gamey but seasoned so lightly with herbs that the gamey taste of rabbit was balanced with the rich stock. The anchovies and the crab were the only 2 tapas that did not stood out that evening.

The banana mousse was too warm for my liking but the saving grace was the mashed date that was liberally placed on the mouse that reminded me of something oriental. All in all a nice night of tapas.

Postales Restaurant
Level B1 of The Westin GPO Sydney. (02) 9229 7744

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