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Domus @ Sheraton Tower

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Domus (spelt DOMVS in Roman characters) means home in Italian, and this one serves home-style Italian food. Nothing fancy, only the classics. Not pretentious.

Beef Carpaccio

Their version of Beef Carpaccio was served at room temperature. This is the right temperature to serve this dish and sashimi, but most of us like it slightly colder just to give a sense of comfort. (Colder meant less chance of contamination?)

Ham and Arugula

A salad of Prosciutto ham with Arugula cannot go wrong. The saltiness of the ham with the bitter taste of rocket salad. But both the carpaccio and this salad are almost identical save the different meat used. A bit disappointed when both were served together.

Seafood Soup

The seafood soup was a bit too sweet for my liking. But the liberal use of seafood and the freshness were saving factors.

Ox Tail Consomme

The Ox Tail consomme was a special for the evening. Very rich and flavourful.

Spaghetti Bolognese

An Italian standard – still I find the one from Picotin better.

Surf and Turf (Lobster Tail and Waygu Beef)

I put the 2 photos of the mains together so that you can see how “creative” the plating were. Both dish were served with the same sides and potatoes. Very disappointed.

Banana Strudel

The evening ended with a sweet strudel that tasted like Goreng Pisang with Vanilla ice cream.

Really, I expected more from a very established name in Singapore culinary scene. I was not impressed given the reputation that preceded this place. Given the competition this place is facing these days, I am doubtful how long they can last if they were not part of the hotel. However the service crew was the saving grace of the evening.

Food: 3/5, good but not memorable. Service: 4/5, attentive and prompt. Ambiance: Nice and quiet. Price: $65++ pax

Domus @ Sheraton Tower
39 Scotts Road

Tel : 6737 1072

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