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Prego @ Fairmont

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Prego has been a standard in Italian food in Singapore for a long time. I cannot remember when I started going to Prego – actually I have been going there since they first opened during the Westin Stamford days. As a poor student, we could only afford the occasional spaghetti and shared the pizza or roast. But the wonderful bread was free flow. It was big loaf of bread which you break and share. Those were such sweet memories.

Westin was sold to the Fairmont group and all the restaurants were revamped. Since then Prego has gone slightly upmarket. As a Feed at Raffles member, we enjoy 50% discount on food when you dine as a couple. So Prego remains as one of my staple Italian restaurant since it was close to my social club and office.

Assorted Starters

Gone was the think menu, and in its place a single page of choices with a every changing starter bar. You walk to the front of the restaurant, and pick from what the chef creates for the day. You will not be disappointed. We had the classico duo of Mozzarella and Tomato,  and Prosciutto with Asparagus Bruschettas, and a couple of Artichokes and Potato Salad. These were, as usual, very good. You can have a meal by simply ordering the variety of starters available – almost like a tapas bar.

Special Cocktail for Truffle Set

The special of the season was truffles – the underground delicacy that used to be only reserved for royalties and searched using pigs. Talking about irony and contradictions. I have been enchanted by the pungent/fragrant, flavourful/tasteless combinations that this magical plant provides. It is pungent to smell but fragrant to taste. It is tasteless when eaten on its own, but totally enhanced the flavour of the dish when sprinkled sparingly with it.

Lobster Truffles Bruschetta – Truffles Special Set

The sitting was in Nov 2012, and it was truffles season again. So the set starter was bruschetta – lobster and truffles. Delicious. The rocket lettuce, lobster and asparagus sprinkled with truffle olive oil and then with the magic dash of freshly sliced truffles.

Risotto with Black Truffles and Porcini Mushroom

This is the piece de la resistance of the evening. The risotto was cooked just right – creamy, runny, yet not overcooked like porridge. The risotto was accompanied with chopped porcini mushrooms and dotted with truffles. And topping it all – freshly shaved truffles and sprinkling of truffled olive oil.

Tiramisu with Truffle Stones – Truffles Set

And to top of the truffle extravagance, a tiramisu with black stone truffles. OK nothing to do with the truffles. But this is a good tiramisu.

Food: 4/5. Service: 4/5. Ambiance: 3/5. Price: $35++ pax

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