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Hanuman @ Darwin

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Raining heavily due to Cyclone Nathan. Luckily this restaurant next to Doubletree Hilton in Darwin wasn’t too bad. Thai decor but served Indian food! A few Thai influenced dishes like Pad Thai and Tom Yum. Other than that it’s curries and naans.

Conclusion after dinner – this restaurant
is more Thai than Indian.

Fat Yak from WA

Hanuman oysters

Lemongrass, sweet chili, laksa leaves (or was it basil)


Curry meal with rice.

Beef vindaloo – a bit too hard and dry. Beef was not a staple in Indian cuisine and therefore I did not expect a surprise. Almost like rendang then vindaloo.

Goan prawn curry – interesting because it was a Thai curry paste, with coconut milk and lemongrass. Goa should have a milder curry, but this was very mild. Nice taste though, and generous on the prawns.

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