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Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central

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Genki Sushi A children’s favorite sushi chain, because of the cute conveyor system they have in place. It was a brilliant idea given the shortage of manpower and yet solved the problem of sushi drying out in a traditional conveyor system. I think Genki has hit it right the second round after the long exit from Singapore many years ago. Welcome back!

iPad ordering system. First you enter your orders into the iPad. You can enter 4 choices any one time. Of course you can send as many orders as you want. Sushi train conveyor. The sushi arrives on the train shaped like the Shinkansen. Arriving on the Shinkansen. I was not sure if they were assembled a la minute but definitely the sushi and sashimi were not dried out as compared to other lesser places. Hana sushi. Mayo, salmon roe and salmon wrapped around a ball of rice. Salmon roe. Surprising fresh and briny. Not artificial roes as my girl dropped one into the hot udon soup and it turned pink straight away. Salmon sashimi. Disappointed by the quality of this Norwegian salmon. Someone at a supermarket once told me that once salmon turned red like this one, it has oxidized and not of good quality. Scallops. Nothing outstanding. Wasn’t firm like the A1 grade. Wasabi octopus – too sweet for my liking Chutoro Kake udon Ark shell

Genki Sushi @ Orchard Central
181 Orchard Rd, #03-32
Orchard Central
T: +65 6238 0900 – See more at:

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