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The Colony @ The Ritz Carlton

Goodbye Greenhouse, hello The Colony. The Greenhouse closed for a ‘concept makeover’ – the synonym of dwindling clientele prompting the hotel to rethink the high end buffet concept given the health conscious wave that’s sweeping the market. But what’s a hotel without a good buffet.

The decor is British colonial style. Hello! Singapore independent 50 years liao leh, we still reminiscing about our colonial past. But the space given between tables is one of the most generous among buffet restaurants on Singapore. And you get pretty discrete with lots of decor blocking you and your neighbours.

Anyway, the spread was quite impressive given that it’s under $60 per pax. Highlights included a juice bar (you pick the fruits and they juiced it for you), a la minute stations for crepes (and a kickass vanilla sauce), desserts to die for (but you have until 2.30pm to enjoy that) and did I mention desserts?

It was not stingy on the quality of the stuff on offer. The cheese selection was honourable with your Staunton, Parmegianno and blue cheese, and lots of choice of accompaniments. Then there were live stations for BBQs (lamb chops, mini sliders, satays, etc), crepes, sandwiches and noodles. Quite a long workout after this buffet.

Service was very attentive. They happily obliged you with any requests (hot water, more coffee, clear this and that, photo takes, etc) and then disappeared quickly into their stations. The crowd was pleasing, without the hungry hordes and everyone was quite polite and cordial – which is very important to really enjoy a buffet.

Recommended before they raise the prices (I am pretty sure they will).

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