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Shinji by Kanesaka @ Raffles (Closed)

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Shinji Kanesaka honed his skills in the battleground of battlegrounds for Sushi restaurant – Ginza. In Ginza, you have the legendary Jiro and others that blazed the trails of sushi extraordinaire. Shinji came from the pedigree and graduated with flying colours and was awarded a precious Michelin star in his flagship store of his namesake in Ginza. This is his first store outside Japan, in the venerable Raffles Hotel. Feed at Raffles does not apply here.

Like all good sushi restaurant, there’s no menu. It has a single maple wood table/bench in the main dining hall that sits 20 max. You watched the master at work, making the sushi piece by piece. Nothing is made in advance and served together.

Our Sushi Chef for the lunch was Koichiro Oshino. He came from Osaka and had the friendly manner of an Osaka native. His wife was the head waitress for our meal, and was very attentive and made sure we got what we wanted (allergies, our preference, etc).

Damage was around $200 per person (for lunch!) but the quality was as fresh as it gets.

Overall a great meal. Decadence for lunch, but we only live once.

Date of Visit : Jul 2014

Shinji by Kanesaka
Raffles Hotel #02-20 1 Beach Road Singapore 189673 T
+65 6338 6131

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