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Nadaman Shiodome 47 @ Tokyo (Closed)

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Singaporean who knew their Kaiseki would remember Nadaman in Shangri-La. I had this opportunity to try out their branch in Shiodome 47.

They had a few choices, the Hana and Matsu courses. And the seasonal Shun course was Fugu. We ordered two different Kaiseki courses to try a wider variety of tapa-sized dishes.

Fugu-Hana course

The Shun(旬)course featured the seasonal fish – Fugu or blowfish. Fugu flesh has no taste. And without proper licenses, you cannot serve Fugu in Japan. Despite the strict training and licensing, there are still deaths caused by Fugu poisoning every year. So here’s the Game of Death.


The course started with some very interested Hor D’oeuvres that included Fugu skin (which is chewy, almost like dried cuttlefish) and Kyoto-style sushi of mackerel. But the highlight of the appetizers was a pepper stuffed with shrimp and fried tempura style.

And everything else would have a bit of blowfish in it – fried blowfish with bones in soba soup, blowfish sashimi, Fugu Kariage, and a Kama with Blowfish. Not sure what to look out for, but I did not die from the dinner and that was a relief.

Hana Course

The Hana course was more traditinal and featured a lot more variety. Even the Hor D’oeuvres were different, and the sushi had cheese(!) in them. The chawanmushi was sublime, and the rest of the dishes were all very good.


What we remembered for a long time was the Sakura-themed Kama with tis pink gohan and lightly salted white fish.

Reservation is required. Formal dresscode required.

NADAMAN Shiodome47
Caretta Shiodome 47F, S479 1-8-1 Higashishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-7047 Japan
TEL +81-3-6215-8111

なだ万 汐留47
〒105-7047,東京都港区東新橋1-8-1 電通本社ビル カレッタ汐留47階
TEL 03-6215-8111

Date visited: Feb 2016

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