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Blanco Court Prawn Mee @ Bugis

I work around this area and finding a good place for lunch is always important every lunch time. Blanco Court Prawn Mee was one of the better ones around here.

There are only three stores in the coffee shoo with very spartan decor – a drink store, a Ngoh Heung store and Blanco Court Prawn Mee. Just follow the longest queue. Of course, find a seat, remember the table number and then put a packet of tissue paper to chope the place 😉

On a Sunday, not everything is on the menu. Only those expensive, all in combo are available.

The all-in combo was one of my favourite, the other being the slice prawn mee (not available on Sunday). The soup was very rich and clear. The red oil was basically the prawn oil that was oozing from the large amount of prawn shells that were used to make the stock. All the ingredients were blanched and flavourful. In short, a great bowl of noodles. You can also change the combo with vermicelli or kway teow.

Besides prawn noodles, there’s a stall that sell Ngoh Heung. I really liked their prawn fritters (sold out on the day we were there). But their piece de resistance was the tofu (also sold out). The atomic pink sweet sauce and savoury chili sauce were normal, run-of-mill stuff. It was a good compliment to the prawn noodles as the waiting time could be quite long on a busy day, so you can munch on these starters.

Next to the historic Haji Lane, the place is really busy with tourists. Many tour groups will put the entourage here and let them try the prawn noodles and walk the rustic lanes. Luckily, they don’t waste a lot of time in the coffee shop and the table turnover is very prompt.

But on a weekday, this place is jammed with office dwellers around that area. However, it is still one of the better to eat around this area.

Blanco Court Prawn Mee
Address: 243 Beach Road, #01-01, 189754
Phone: 6396 8464

Visited : Apr 2018

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