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ShunDeGong Hotpot 顺德公猪肚鸡 @ Shenzhen

Another alternative to the now crazy Szechuan hotpot and Hainanese hotpot craze all over China, the ShunDe Pig’s Stomach Soup hotpot.

Yes, it may sound quite disgusting, but the peppery hot pig’s stomach soup is a very good remedy for the humid weather as pepper drives away “humidity” built-up in your body what the Chinese called 湿气. So once in a while, we will boil Bak Kut Teh, or this Pig’s Stomach Soup. You can’t just drink pepper water, can you?

Remember the stall is not in KK Mall.

Shun De Gong Hotpot 顺德公猪肚鸡(kkmall店)
地址: 红宝路80号
电话: 0755-82345951

Date Visited : Feb 2018

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