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RongLiJi 蓉李记 @ Shanghai

The famous franchise from Chengdu is now in Raffles City Changning Shanghai. Now we can just go downstairs and enjoy the really spicy, really numbing, mala szechuan food.

The shop adopted a simple order format by ticking the stuff you want from a piece of paper and then give it to the waitress. Service is by the table, but don’t expect restaurant service. At RMB 50 per person on average, you can’t expect much.

If you are not into spicy food, this is not the place for you. Quality was around the standard of your typical Szechuan street side stores. The portions were generous, and the clientele mainly OL from the office buildings around here. Clean and efficient.

No reservations, first come first serve. Don’t hog the seats, eat and leave please.

地址: 长宁路1123号长宁来福士EB1-16
电话: 021-62990008

Date visited : Jun 2018

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