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Kingsley Steakhouse @ Sydney

There was a lot of discussion between my US and AU colleagues on who have better meat, and we decided to settle it once and for all. I would prefer Vlado’s in Melbourne, but Kingsleys will do in Sydney to get a good selection of beef.

Kingsleys is housed in a heritage listed building constructed in 1833 which used to be an old soap and candle factory.

Kingsleys is renowned for its premium beef selection at a reasonable price. They are prepared in the simplest manner, just grilled with salt over charcoal grill. The meats are sourced from around Australia such as Riverina Grass Fed, O’Connor Grass Fed, Nolans Private Selection, Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB), Dry Aged Beef, Darling Downs and Rangers Valley Wagyu, etc.

Entrees selection was limited, and not exactly outstanding. But the meats made up for the difference.

Dry aged rib on the bone

I selected the Havericks Dry Aged Rib on Bone Pasture Fed from NSW, all 400g of goodness. Dry aged is a special technique of hanging the whole beef primal up to aged in temperature and humidity controlled environment for the meat to slowly dry the exterior. In the process the meat develops a nutty and more intense flavour profile while increasing the tenderness as the meat breaks down over time.

The ribeye did not disappoint. Despite pasture fed, it was really tender due to the dry aging process.

Angus rib on the bone

My colleague ordered teh CAAB Angus Rib on Bone (MSA) 150 Day Grain Fed 650g from NSW. CAAB is an initiative of the Angus Society of Australia, out-performing other breeds in its excellent marbling scores that result in perfect tenderness, texture, colour and taste.

Kilo T-bone

But the highlight of the evening was the Kilo T-bone (MSA) 90 Day Grain Fed from Nolans Private Selection, Gympie QLD. Private Selection is Nolans’ premium brand of beef and is produced from grain finished yearling beef, renowned for superior eating quality. And the full kilo of T-bone, also known as the porterhouse consisted of two great cuts – sirloin and tenderloin, so you get the best of both world.

Kilo T-bone

Not for the faint hearted, just look at the thickness of the meat. For the amount of meat tonight, we have to skip dessert.

Overall a good steakhouse with really good service. The meat was well-executed, the correct doneness, and great sauce to accompany the steaks. We all enjoyed our cuts but still, there’s no conclusion as to whether US vs AU beef is better.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse
29A King Street, Sydney
Tel : 02 9295 5080

Date Visited : Nov 2018

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