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Ariso Sushi @ Haneda Airport

Tokyo airports have some of the best sushi restaurants in the world. I tried Sushi Iwa outside immigration and Sushi Kyotatsu after the immigration area at Narita airport. This time, I tried Ariso Sushi in Haneda.

寿司カウンター Sushi counter

As you entered, you were promptly led to your place at the counter. If you come as a family, there are 4-6 seaters at the back of the counter. However, it did not cater for groups bigger than 6 though, you would have to split up.

Ordering was simple, there’s an English menu and all items were coded. Then you just ticked on the paper what you want.


特上北海【5種】Prime Hokkai

After ordering, the first order came within 5 minutes. I started with 特上北海【5種】Prime Hokkai that came with 3 pieces of 握寿司 nigiri of snow crab, scallop and sweet shrimp, and 2 pieces of 军舰 gunkan of ikura (salmon roe) and uni (sea urchin). It was seasonal, and so you would get different stuff sometimes.

あぶり三昧【3種】3 Assorted Lightly Grilled Sea Foods

Next up (within a minute), あぶり三昧【3種】3 Assorted Lightly Grilled Seafoods of 灸烤 aburi 三昧 three typesトロサーモン Fatty Salmon、えんがわ Flounder Edge、メさば Pickled Mackerel. I was told Japanese would never eat salmon raw, so it was almost never used in a good sushi restaurant.  The flounder edge was the chewy flesh along the fins of the flounder, so when flamed, released the umami of the fatty fin of the fish. Aburi pickled mackerel also released the natural oil in the mackerel, so all three types were perfect for aburi.

青さのり味噌汁 Blue Sari Miso Soup

青さのり味噌汁 Blue Sari Miso Soup was next, I was surprised that a miso soup with a set would be so generous to have pieces of blue sari in it.

釣りあじ(2貫)Fished Horse Mackerel

釣りあじ(2貫)Fished Horse Mackerel, a couple of a la carte order to fill the tummy. The horse mackerel was supposed to be hand-caught. I cannot taste the difference, but the fatty texture was fantastic.

メさば(2貫)Mackerel with salt and vinegar

メさば(2貫)Mackerel with salt and vinegar, another a la carte order, the mackerel was seldom served without processing. Here the chef lightly marinated it in salt and vinegar to give it a slightly sweet and sour taste. Not overpowering with vinegar, and perhaps a little hint of mirin.

天然平目(2貫)Natural Flounder

天然平目(2貫)Natural Flounder. Did I say a couple? I ordered another a la carte of flounder because it was the season, and I loved the clean taste of flounder, especially when sprinkled with sea salt.

The whole meal was over in 30 minutes, but the wait can be quite long if it’s meal time. Do allow up to 45 minutes for waiting time during peak hours. Remember Haneda may be a smaller airport than Narita, still immigration can be a challenge, and there’s less baggage check counters, so do leave time to get through immigration. Not worthy enough to miss a flight for this sushi.

Ariso Sushi ありそ鮨し
大田区 羽田空港国際線ターミナル4F
Tel : 03-6428-0444

Date Visited : Dec 2017

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