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Wildseed Cafe & Bar @ Seletar

A bunch of black-and-white bungalows around Seletar Aerospace Park were retrofitted and turned into cafes and restaurants. It has become the “in” place to hangout and Wildseed Cafe & Bar was recommended by friends for a cool weekend brunch with family.

We arrived slightly around noon, and the whole place was packed on one side with another section totally closed. “No tables”, said the waiter, “wait 30 min and it’s self-service so read the menu and other there.”, pointing at the servant quarter of the black-and-white that has been converted to an ordering station. At that point, I was about to walk to the nearby Wheeler Estate, but the manager called us back and gave us a table at the far end of the bungalow that was closed just a minute ago.

Flower shop next to the kitchen and ordering counter was an odd couple. And it was a very expensive flower shop for that. I guess as the owners use the black-and-whites for weddings, having an in-house florist would not be a bad idea.

Atas kaya toast

Atas kaya toast was a reconstruction of the Singaporean perennial favourite breakfast. A runny sous vide egg with gula melaka, kaya (coconut egg jam) and a whole chunk of butter stuffed into a sourdough, topped with grated coconut on the side. A Yakun kaya toast meet your Indian putu mayam. The kaya was an alien green and runny, but the chunk of butter saved it. The rest of the stuff was just a mess on the plate.

Big pan breakfast

Big pan breakfast was just like a big Australian breakfast with a smashed avocado (not too ripe, unfortunately), scrambled eggs, pork sausages, bacon, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and caramelised red onions. Served with rye bread.  The Mangalitza sausages are pork bangers made from curly hair Mangalitza pigs. They looked like pigs in sheep skins, but the meat they produced are great eats. The sausages tasted like any of those from the supermarket, so I could not tell if they are Mangalitza or not. Maybe one of you can leave a message and tell me how to distinguish a Mangalitza sausage from you Meyer’s sausages.

Pulled pork burger

Pulled pork burger had bacon, cream cheese, pickled cucumber, in a horseradish-mustard sauce, coleslaw in the bun, and really little pulled pork. The curly fries were pretty bad too. Not recommended.

Kelong prawn & scallop pizza

Kelong prawn & scallop pizza was just a really fancy seafood pizza with a thing crust. So for those looking for pan pizza, go somewhere else. It’s (supposedly) kelong-farmed tiger prawns with scallops, Cameron Highland cherry tomato, mozzarella and mascarpone cheeses (origin not mentioned, haha), topped with a rocket pesto. I liked it, fancy sounding but still very solid in construction and flavours. And reasonably priced for an atas pizza.

Strawberry shortcake, Chocolate merlot cake

The strawberry shortcake was really good, fluffy and not too sweet. If only the strawberry was sweeter like the ones in Japan. The chocolate merlot cake was a bit bitter, not because it’s dark chocolate, but I think was because of the addition of the merlot into the ganache that did not go very well. Not much of merlot taste.

There’s not much service around here, you order at the counter, you take a number stand, and go back to your table. You have to take your own cutlery and water, and even have to clean up someone else’s mess if the crowd was overwhelming. Not my idea of a lazy Sunday brunch. And there’s no aircon. Worse, Seletar airbase got no forage so you are exposed to the elements

Filled with hippy people at the Seletar Aerospace Park because of ample parking, I would not recommend to specially go for the food. Unless your hipster friends are all driving. But remember drive, don’t drink hor.

Wildseed Cafe & Bar
Level 1, 3 Park Lane, Seletar Aerospace Dr, Park, Singapore 798387
Tel : 96439116

Wildseed Cafe & Bar

Date Visited Jan 2018

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