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Formosa Chang 鬍鬚張 @ Taipei

Formosa Chang’s logo looked like a famous host in Taiwan called Chang Fei. So for many years, I thought it was opened by him as it was very popular for stars to open restaurants in Taiwan, and he had the same signature beard.

The food is really simple, just stewed pork over rice. But they did in such consistency that it will bit any street stores hands down. And they offer prepacked versions for you to bring home to make it at home too.

The signature dish is 滷肉飯 Stewed Pork Rice. Simply, chopped pork is stewed in a savoury sauce and the just poured over steamed rice. It is a filling meal by itself. And coupled with braised julienned bamboo shoot or blanched vegetable for a complete meal.

四神湯 Si Shen Soup is made of 4 main ingredients – mountain yam 山藥/淮山, lotus seeds 蓮子, water lily seed 芡實 and China root 茯苓. Usually one would add pepper, barley, pork ribs, intestines and/or stomach for tastes. Can be fattening if drank too much as it increases the appetite. Good for people recovering from illnesses.

That may explain why you always find one near hospitals.

Formosa Chang 鬍鬚張
Multiple locations

Date Visited : Dec 2017

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