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XianDingWei 鮮定味生猛海鮮 @ Taipei

XianDingWei 鮮定味生猛海鮮 is the Chinese phonetic equivalent of “Reservation required”. The place can get very crowded in the evening. So reservation is recommended.

For those not familiar with Taiwanese stir-fry restaurants, these are something that’s an experience by itself.


快炒 Stir fry

First, you picked the fresh produce of the day.

台灣生啤 Taiwan draft beer

Then, the beer promoter will come along and press you to order some beer. These are usually cute, young girls that are very persuasive, unless our beer aunties of Singapore.

火烤野生烏魚子 Aburi dried mullet roe

The first course to come was the 火烤野生烏魚子 aburi dried mullet roe. Dried mullet roe is a delicacy usually eaten at celebrations like Chinese New Year and weddings. The whole mullet is soaked in wine and then blowtorched. The roe is then sliced and served with garlic and sliced radish.  Salty and full of umami, but can be sticky and prone to sticking between the crevices of your teeth.

炒飯 Fried rice

Then in quick concession, 炒飯 Fried rice, 炒山蘇 Stir-fry baby fern and 炒山貓 Stir-fry morning glory vine were served. I don’t like the fried rice as it was too wet.

炒山蘇 Stir-fry baby bird nest fern

炒山蘇 Stir-fry baby bird nest fern was full of the sour berry and anchovies taste, very yummy.

炒山貓 Stir-fry morning glory vine

炒山貓 Stir-fry morning glory vine was seldom available in Singapore anymore. Same taste as the baby bird nest fern.

炒九層塔蛤蜊 Str-fry basil clams

炒九層塔蛤蜊 Str-fry basil clams was full of the taste of basil. But it was a lot of work to eat a the clams were very small.

炸臭豆腐 Deep fried stinky tofu

炸臭豆腐 Deep fried stinky tofu. Not stinky.

蒜泥蝦 Garlic prawns

蒜泥蝦 Garlic prawns. Too much sauce.

鳳梨苦瓜雞鍋 Pineapple bitter gourd chicken hotpot

鳳梨苦瓜雞鍋 Pineapple bitter gourd chicken hotpot has a lot of soup, very little ingredients, but after a few beer, the soup was great. You can top up soup.

蒸沙母 Steamed female mud crab

蒸沙母 Steamed female mud crab. Dry.

Full of roe

But it was filled with roe.

烤烏魚 Grilled mullet

烤烏魚 Grilled mullet was also a bit dry. Not very good.

Service and atmosphere for this place were fantastic. But the cooking was not as good as Central Market just across the street. But a reasonable backup plan if Central Market is full.

XianDingWei 鮮定味生猛海鮮
No. 67, Section 1, Chang’an East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104
Tel : +886 2 2567 3331

Date Visited : Feb 2019

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