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Lady M @ Beach Road

It was known as the LV of cakes. When they opened the first outlet next to the Merlion, we went crazy. The mille crêpes sold out in hours despite that it was $15 per slice. The question that was always on my mind was: Is Lady M really from New York?

It turned out that they do have outlets in New York. Owner Ken Romaniszyn opened the first Lady M on NYC’s Upper East Side in 2004. He was inspired by beautiful Japanese desserts that are subtly sweet, yet still delicious. Romaniszyn brought these light and fresh pastries to the U.S.

Cakes galore

The shop has a clean and simplistic style of design. The walls and chairs are milky white, and even the white flowers on the dining tables seem to announce to you that you’ve arrived at a cake paradise.

But they do have more than cakes, they serve hot beverages and soup as well!

Signature mille crêpes

The one cake that started it all was their signature mille crêpes. Imagine layers of crêpes held together by fresh cream, how many layers were there? All their crêpes were handmade and topped with a caramelised layer which held it together.

Lady M was not only mille crêpes, their cakes were equally solid and good.

Green tea checkers

Dark chocolate and green tea sponge cake squares dressed in a matcha-infused white chocolate shell, the green tea checkers was a spin-off of their other favourite, the chocolate checkers.

Red velvet

Layers of dark cocoa-rich sponge cake with smooth frosting concocted from fresh whipped cream and cream cheese — this is the Red Velvet, and they were the only ones that have done it properly. Everyone else was just a wannabe.

Gateau au chocolat

Another of their classic cake, the decadent Gateau au Chocolat with alternating layers of dark chocolate sponge cake and crushed walnuts folded into a velvety chocolate mousse was my favourite. The dark chocolate chateau was not too sweet, and the feeling of sticky chewy chocolate in your mouth just made a long and stressful more bearable straight away.

For such an expensive and high class cake shop, the service was really bad. The staff was rude and impatient, cannot be bothered to answer any more than what do you want. I had been to their outlet in Shanghai, it wasn’t like that. If Singapore eateries continue this downward spiral in service standards, I would really just GrabEat all the time.

Multiple outlets in Singapore, and now in major Chinese cities.

26 Beach Road,#01-17 Singapore 189768
Tel : +65 6702 6735

Date Visited : Oct 2018

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