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Coconut Taste Revisited @ Shanghai

Had a guest from US, decided to try something that he will not get in US – hotpot with live seafood and plants still growing in their pots. First visit was almost a year ago.

Soup bases

First you pick the soup base. There are several to choose from, but I still loved their coconut and chicken soup base. A whole chicken (or half portion depending on the size of your group) is marinated with cooking wine and then boiled in coconut water and coconut bits.

Food for the pot

Many choices. The snow crab was on offer – usual price was ¥780 for a whole crab, it as only half price on the day we were there. It was alive but a bit smaller than the usual ones, hence the discount. But the main attraction was the vegetables and fungi that were still growing in their pots which you harvest them on the table.

Claypot rice

The filler that we ordered was a claypot rice, each had a small portion of the very fragrant and yummy rice.

地址: 长宁路1193号来福士广场东区6F-19
电话: 021-52906803

Date Visited : Mar 2019

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