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DiaJi Soup Dumpling 嗲记汤包馆 @ Shanghai

It claimed to have the fillings of three hairy crabs in one dumpling. Well, that’s an understatement, it has more than that.

I didn’t order the decadent 蟹粉湯包 crab soup dumpling, but DiaJi was famous for hairy crab meat and roe, so one cannot help by order something that has it.

蟹粉拌面 Noodles with crab roe

There’s so much crab meat in one plate of 蟹粉拌面 Noodles with crab roe. I wondered when did they take those crabs and stored them as it was not the season when we ate this.

熟醉蟹 Cooked drunken crab

But my favourite for this visit was their 熟醉蟹 Cooked drunken crab. As there were many cases of food poisoning from raw drunken crab, most restaurants serve the cooked version these days.

Full of crab roe

Just look at the amount of roe in each. If only it was raw 🙂

蟹粉小籠包 Crab meat soup dumplings

蟹粉小籠包 Crab meat soup dumplings were competent, but the skin was a bit too thick. But the sauce inside was filled with umami.

麻醬沙拉 Sesame salad

And now for something that has no crab. 麻醬沙拉 Sesame salad tasted like it used the sauce from a bottle, but it was refreshing.

Very simple shop with prompt service. Just good food.

Tel : 021-62779997

Date Visited : Feb 2019

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