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Gaga 鲜语 @ Shanghai

Founded 2010 in Shenzhen, Gaga 鲜语 first shop outside of the tech capital was in the financial capital of China, Shanghai. It’s all about innovative use of Asian ingredients in a cafe setting.

What they are famous for are their fruit teas and creative drinks. They were one of the first to top their fruit tea with cheese(!?!!). They also offered very yummy set lunches and dinners items that are healthy at the same time. Very popular with the ladies.

Rosella Tea

First up was a drink that came with the set lunch, the rosella tea was not sweetened using sugar syrup but came with natural sweetener from the honey used. Very nice, like Ribena.

Cantonese pork chop casserole, “magic” sauce, parmesan

I really liked their Cantonese pork chop casserole, “magic” sauce, parmesan. The Chinese name said 砂锅饭 claypot rice but it was really a baking casserole. The pork chop was not so much Cantonese than Hainanese style breaded and fried pork chop. In fact, it reminded me of the Hainanese pork chop with its tangy tomato sauce. They cheekily called this the “magic” sauce.

Very HK Chachaantang

Luckily, it was not overpowering with cheese and the bits of pineapple gave it the liquid and sweetness to balance the tomato base.

Side salad

Came with side salad which was a mesclun with cherry tomato, quinoa and French dressing.

Grilled pumpkin, butter lettuce, pine nuts, crotons

Grilled pumpkin, butter lettuce, pine nuts, crotons. Never thought my male colleague would order this for lunch. I guessed it was delicious.

The house that was once a school

I am very lucky to be working in a compound that make full use of the historical buildings that are there way before the skyscrapers.

Raffles City in Changning District, Shanghai is built on the site of a historic convent and convent school, a bit like CHIJmes. And Gaga 鲜语 is housed in Building #1 which was a convent school, St Mary’s Hall. After the forming of PRC, the site of St. Mary’s Hall was used by the Shanghai Spinning Industry College, and then, in 1999, became the Chang’an Branch of Donghua University’s Spinning Industry Department.

Historical builing

One of the most famous alumni of this convent school was Zhang Ailing, or Eileen Chang as she was known in the West. She was bilingually educated and wrote many novels set in Shanghai between the tumultuous years between the fall of the Qing dynasty and the rise of the Communist.

Not Krypton

She must be surprised that the halls she once roamed now resembled Krypton.

Highly recommended – good food in an environment with a great backstory.

Gaga 鲜语
Tel : 021-62888697

Date Visited : Mar 2019

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