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Legend Concept @ Hong Kong

This is a long kept secret restaurant of mine in Hong Kong. Technically, it is not a restaurant. At one time, private dining 私房菜 became really popular. This is one of them that has continued to this day.

I didn’t know they are called Legend Concepts until recently. Piann and Andy are the wife and husband team that’s behind Legend Concepts. In a recent visit, I realised we have known each other for more than 15 years.

The cuisine is French. Andy has many years of experience working in the French kitchens of many 5-stars hotels. Piann was the banquet manager. The couple decided to strike out on their own so that they can have more time for each other and the family, and to take life easy from the hectic schedule of a busy hotel. Hence, Legend Concept was born.

The concept is very simple – there’s only a set dinner menu with choices of appetiser and main course, everything else is decided for you as long as you have told them of your dietary preference.

Creuse N.4 oysters

Creuse N.4 oysters, freshly shucked. The creuse is everyman’s oyster. Its flavour is easy, fresh and sprightly, evoking bracing sea breezes and sea water. These French oysters are raised in deep waters, then transferred to less salty shallow beds called claires to mature. In appearance creuse are typically a pale ivory lined with black and brown. But some attain a gorgeous turquoise green hue due to their contact with a bluish-green alga. Although less intensely flavoured than the plate, the creuse is equally seductive.

Iberico ham (52 mths) with parmigiana

Iberico ham (52 mths) with parmigiana with balsamic vinegar reduction on the side. Very fragrant as you chew through the air dried pork.

Cream of forest mushrooms with truffle

Cream of forest mushrooms with truffle is a tad too watery for me. But it was not greasy like most cream of mushrooms out there. The right balance of cream and mushroom. Could be thicker.

Baked snails

Baked snails, or escargots in French, were deshelled and placed in a bed of fluffy mashed potatoes. The brown sauce reminded one of KFC but it was au jus reduction. A fact – escargots are sold in France without the shell. Restaurants have to put them back into the shell to give everyone that true escargot experience. You can get the same taste without the hassle (and paying extra for the shell).


Palate cleanser, the homemade grapefruit sorbet was tart and a hint of bitterness from the grapefruit. Reset the palate for the main course.

Australian lamb provencale

Australian lamb provencale was executed to perfection. The lamb chop was done medium, yet the lamb remained tender and moist. The accompany Bernaise sauce was made a la minute. I did not acquire the taste for mint sauce, but I asked for Dijon mustard that went very well with the lamb as well.

Three chocolate layer cake

Three chocolate layer cake, from bottom dark, white, milk. Eat it together, you get the smooth white chocolate that gave the sweetness, the dark chocolate that gave the bitterness, and finally the milk chocolate that bind everything together. Would be perfect if it has a dash of liquer or Chantilly cream.

The place is an apartment in a residential building. So when you go there, do not expect a noisy bunch. Most of the clientele are repeat visits, and everyone expects to behave themselves, i.e. no loud noise. It is excellent for a quiet and discrete business dinner, or for old friends to gather in a really homely environment.

Except Boss and Moon to come visit you at your table, they are the resident poodles. You may bring your own bottles, and Piann is a connoisseur of wines as well. It’s been my quiet refuge in Hong Kong, when I need a quiet place to eat and chat with friends.

Legend Concept
Room A, 3/F, Shun Fat Building, 72-76 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai
Tel : +852 3171 5498

Date Visited : May 2019


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