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MADOy Shinbashi @ Tokyo

A couple of years ago, I went to their Shinagawa branch which offered modern Japanese teppanyaki cuisine. The Shinbashi branch is more of a traditional Japanese teppanyaki in terms of ingredients and cooking style.

Special Course

1/ アミューズ amuse bouche

アミューズ amuse bouche

This is a really special cooked beef amuse bouche – it’s like a ragout but with Japanese miso instead of tomato base.

2/ 今日のサラダ today’s salad

今日のサラダ today’s salad

The salad was the only item that I was not impressed with. Just mesclun tossed with bonito flakes and a sesame vinaigrette dressing.

3/ 前菜盛合せ assorted appetisers

前菜盛合せ assorted appetisers

前菜盛合せ assorted appetisers – (L to R) smoked salmon, cream cheese and ikura, grilled zucchini, eggplant and raw scallop, house smoked prosciutto, raw peppercorn and ceviche filling and vinegar baby trout.

smoked salmon, cream cheese and ikura

At first look, I thought it was a piece of sushi. Then I realised that under the smoked salmon was the classic cream cheese accompaniment. The ikura and dill just highlighted the flavours with a hint of lemony flavour with the salty, umami from the ikura.

grilled zucchini, eggplant and raw scallop

Again, another surprise, thought it was just a simple grilled vegetables. And then you bite into a slice of hotate sashimi hidden in between the grilled vegetables, and the smokiness of the grill and truffled olive oil just filled your mouth.

house smoked prosciutto ham, raw peppercorn and hamachi ceviche filling

The theme was seafood for the appetisers. Underneath the prosciutto was a ceviche filling using hamachi. And gthe raw peppercorn provided the heat and dimension to the salty, tangy combination.

vinegar baby trout

Classic Japanese appetiser, not hidden twist, straight up and delicious was the deep fried baby trout dressed in vinegar.

4/ 大タラバ蟹 の鉄板焼 grilled king crab

大タラバ蟹 の鉄板焼 grilled king crab

A delicious dish of snow crab from the north sea of Japan, grilled on teppan with gralic and butter. Acommpanied with Romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes and Genovese sauce.

5/ または国産伊勢海老の鉄板焼き grilled Ise lobster

または国産伊勢海老の鉄板焼き grilled Ise lobster

The high quality domestic Ise lobster grilled on a 200˚C iron plate on the teppan to seal in the flavour and juices. The surface is crisp and the inside is juicy. It was served with house made black olives tapenade.

6/ “大吟醸カット”A5ランク黒毛和牛ステーキ “Daijinjo cut” A5 grade prime wagyu

“大吟醸カット”A5ランク黒毛和牛ステーキ prime wagyu

“Junmai Daiginjo” literally means “pure premium rice sake”. This type of sake exclusively uses highly polished rice to create excellent sake. Here “Junmai Daiginjo” is referring to the Chateaubriand wagyu cut. A single A5 rank wagyu cow gives about 4 kg of fillet, and from that around 600 grams of chateaubriand can be cut from it.

熟成赤身肉 dry-aged wagyu (R) サーロイン wagyu sirloin (L)

A quick comparison between the regular Japanese beef and the A5 wagyu cut. Both tasted great, but the Wagyu has that melt-in-your0-mouth feeling on top of the great taste.

7/ 蟹飯/ガーリックライス snow crab on rice and garlic rice

蟹飯 snow crab on rice (L) ガーリックライス garlic rice (R)

One was just regular rice with shredded crab meat on top and seasoned with soy sauce. The other is the classic teppanyaki fried garlic rice. Loved the fried rice.

8/ 特製スープ bonito stock

特製スープ bonito stock

But the crab rice suddenly gained a different dimension when you added the bonito stock to the rice to produce a rice soup. Delicious.

9/ デザート Master’s gelato

デザート Master’s gelato

Chocolate brownie with sweet potato ice cream, Japanese melon and mandarin orange.

デザート Master’s gelato

They can decorate the dessert for a special occasion upon request. Do it when you book.


Teppan counter

Overall, I enjoyed the experience – the warm Japanese hospitality and very polished service. But because I have something to compare, I preferred the whole dining experience I had in Shinagawa.

Classic teppanyaki

If you want a more classical Japanese teppanyaki experience in a fine dining environment, this is the place.

〒105-0004 東京都港区新橋3-4-8 クレグラン新橋3 – 1F
Tel : 050-3786-8987


Date Visited : Jun 2019

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