Kani House @ Hangzhou

A newly opened Kaniya (crab house) in Hangzhou, bring the popular kani-douraki concept from Osaka to China.

No, this is not a franchise of that famous store. Instead its a copycat 山寨版 in Hangzhou.

Went there with some business partners, and they were paying for it as a celebration for landing a large contract in Hangzhou, so they picked an entire snow crab for dinner to be prepared in multiple ways.

The crab they used are not the Japanese Hokkaido crabs, most likely Canadian ones, so they are not as fat or as sweet as the Japanese variety. And the manager was having problems trying to prepare the omakase. Obviously it is a very new concept for them to help the clients to pick the courses for the dinner.

As it has just opened, many things are still breaking at its seams. Example, the sashimi is really below standard. They are trying to do too many things all at once, and yet do nothing well.

But what is unforgivable is the food quality. It was a waste of a good crab. Almost everything was not done well.

PS: I was looking at their Dianping information, almost everyone gave a 5 star rating, but no one commented on the food, just the free kimono that you can change into at the door. Sigh.

No recommended.

Kani House 蟹屋·深海蟹料理自助(滨江天街店)

Date Visited : Jul 2019

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