Mikuni @ City Hall

With new Executive Chef Keisuke Uno who has held various stints in Tokyo and other cities, the menu at Fairmont Singapore’s Mikuni has been revamped across its three distinct concepts –Sushi, Teppanyaki, and Robatayaki.

Teppanyaki Yasaiya @ Tokyo

This was a recommendation of a colleague. I wanted to go a good teppanyaki restaurant, no gimmicks, money not the issue. Instead of the usuals in Ginza, I was introduced to this one in Akasaka. It is different from most teppanyaki restaurant as it features vegetables as its main selling point.

Teppanyaki Kigetsu 季月铁板烧 @ Taipei (Closed)

Taiwan was once a Japanese colony. They left a lot of influence in its culinary traditions. One was teppanyaki, and in Taipei you can get really high quality teppanyaki at a fraction of the price of Tokyo. Kigetsu 季月 was one of the new kid on the block.

Kani-ya Crab and Teppanyaki @ Hong Kong

Snow Crab was in season and we found a place in CWB that served an all-crab-feast. The crab was served in all style imaginable – raw, steamed, cold, grilled, in Shabu-shabu. All parts of the crab was served without waste.

犇鐵板燒 Ben Teppanyaki @Taipei

Other than Japan, no other place has embraced the Japanese culinary cultures and made it its own. I am talking about Taiwan. Despite a period of colonization by the Japanese, the Taiwanese has not rejected this kink in history to disown all the best of Japan has to offer. And Teppanyaki, a live cooking style…