Teppanyaki Yasaiya @ Tokyo

This was a recommendation of a colleague. I wanted to go a good teppanyaki restaurant, no gimmicks, money not the issue. Instead of the usuals in Ginza, I was introduced to this one in Akasaka. It is different from most teppanyaki restaurant as it features vegetables as its main selling point.

Kani-ya Crab and Teppanyaki @ Hong Kong

Snow Crab was in season and we found a place in CWB that served an all-crab-feast. The crab was served in all style imaginable – raw, steamed, cold, grilled, in Shabu-shabu. All parts of the crab was served without waste.

犇鐵板燒 Ben Teppanyaki @Taipei

Other than Japan, no other place has embraced the Japanese culinary cultures and made it its own. I am talking about Taiwan. Despite a period of colonization by the Japanese, the Taiwanese has not rejected this kink in history to disown all the best of Japan has to offer. And Teppanyaki, a live cooking style…