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Whampoa Street Food Keng 黃埔街邊慶魚頭爐 @ Rangoon Road

Whampoa Keng Steamboat has attained high accolades in Singapore in the Fish Head Steamboat category, as recognition for their excellence in their titular specialty – fresh fish meat (especially fish head) cooked in a rich fish-based broth.

斗鯧魚頭爐 Pomfret hotpot

But of course, bearing the restaurant’s name in mind, all who patronise Whampoa Keng are there to experience the acclaimed fish steamboat. Choose from a variety of fish of different texture and subtle variations in taste. Regardless, one can expect the meat to be fresh and tasty, and the soup rich with flavour – a quality intensified by the use of traditional charcoal steamboats, whereby the burning of the coals adding a unique, charred character to the soup, and greater depth to the flavours.

The Chinese pomfret 斗鯧 is very fresh and fish bones have been deep fried to cook the stock. Together with fried yam, sour plums, fried solefish, Tang Orh and Chinese cabbage, the stock is so rich yet clear, we couldn’t help to finish the entire pot

Now, you wouldn’t want to just come here to drink soup right? They have a few signature dishes here which we tried.

叁峇拉拉 Sambal lala clams

叁峇拉拉 Sambal lala clams

The Neptune clam, locally known as lala, was a bit too small so it was not able to carry the sambal sauce and laksa leave combination properly. We used to have this style with a big type of clam called Duatao 大頭, these days with pollution in our waterways, we can no longer find this version anymore.

馬來風光 Sambal kang kong

馬來風光 Sambal kang kong

Again, the sambal carried the dish excellently.

蟹肉豆腐 Tofu in crab meat

蟹肉豆腐 Tofu in crab meat

For our Chinese friends that joined us for dinner, we ordered something quite unique to the tzechar culture. The deep fried tofu was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but there were only so few pieces. But the smooth and thick crab sauce that was poured liberally on the tofu went very well with our rice.

蝦棗 Shrimp roll

蝦棗 Shrimp roll

You also want to order a dish which are preferably deep fried (since fish soup is so healthy, you need some deep fried stuff to balance your diet). I would not recommend their shrimp roll as I have tasted better.

風砂雞 Garlic crispy chicken

風砂雞 Crispy chicken

The prawn crackers (keropok) that came with the chicken were decimated in matter of minutes. The chicken is cut butterfly and deboned (leaving only the wings and tips of the drumsticks) and then marinated, floured and deep-fried. I find it a bit too dry.

Overall a very delicious dinner with the piece de resistance being the fish head hotpot. Recommend if you are looking for this genre as many others have dwindled over time, either because of rentals, manpower or simply greed (high price, lower quality). Whampoa Keng has remained consistent and value for money.

A little trivial – there are two Whampoa Keng, one in Balestier Road (the original) and this branch in Rangoon Road. Both are equally good, and are operated each by the two wives (yes, you red it here) of Mr Keng. Well, happy wives, happy life.

Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat Restaurant 黃埔街邊慶魚頭爐
116 Rangoon Rd, Singapore 218394
Tel : 6296 8843

Date Visited : Jul 2019

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