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Rokuroku Okonomiyaki @ Shanghai

Went to an Izayaka in Shanghai with colleagues. I never thought I would say this – okonomiyaki is quite delicious.

In this interesting building next to Zhongshan subway station in Shanghai, there are many Japanese eateries. Most of them are izakayas. Some of them are very good yakitori places. This is the only one that specialises in okonomiyaki.

たこわさび wasabi octopus

The たこわさび wasabi octopus was quite spicy from the wasabi mix. Not the best I have tasted, but it went well with the beer.

葱和番茄蒜蓉凉拌 tomato salad

This 葱和番茄蒜蓉凉拌 tomato salad was surprising very good – very simple mix of sliced leeks with cherry tomatoes and dressed with a garlic sesame vinaigrette.

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Skip these the next time – their sashimi was quite poor

炒牛舌 beef tongue with spring onions

炒牛舌 beef tongue with spring onions – Overdone and very chewy.

蛤の酒蒸し steamed clams in sake

蛤の酒蒸し steamed clams in sake – a bit too dry.

明太子 mentaiko (spicy cod roe)

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The three kushiyaki ordered varied in quality – while the duck was quick OK, the chicken thigh was overcooked, and the liver was nice but not very good quality.

A2黒毛牛ヒレステーキ A2 kuroge beef filet

And then A2黒毛牛ヒレステーキ A2 kuroge beef filet turned out to be OK, juicy but a bit cold when served.

大阪焼き 66烧 猪肉,鱿鱼,虾仁再加半熟蛋,葱,芝士 okonomiyaki

But then their okonomiyaki was the piece de resistance – very tasty fried noodles on a flour pancake with bits of pork, squid, shrimp, scallions, onions, flour and cheese topped with a sunny side up. The sweet sauce with mayonnaise were excellent. I would definitely come back for their okonomiyaki.

Nice atmosphere, with Japanese TV live on the wall. Service was prompt and attentive.

Rokuroku (66) Okonomiyaki Izakaya 大阪お好み鉄板 66 66大阪焼 串焼居酒屋
Tel : 021-63867577

Date Visited : Sep 2019

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