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Blueacre Seafood @ Seattle

Never order seafood in a city not next to the sea. While on transit to Utah, I had the chance to stay overnight in Seattle. So decided to have just seafood meals while I was there before I go on an all-beef diet for the next week. 

Blueacre is located just one block from the Washington State Convention Center and is voted one of the top 10 seafood restaurants in Seattle. Owners Kevin and Teresa Davis conceived a thoroughly modern downtown fish house that merges class and sass. They stick to U.S. waters, sourcing responsibly caught or sustainably raised seafood.

The Dinner

oysters on the half shell

oysters on the half shell

Right of lemon wedge, clockwise – Barron Point, Wolf Beach, Ridgeback, Oishii, Shigoku, Kumamoto.

The oysters were all sourced from the WA region, very fresh. They have placed the oysters in the right tasting order, from light to full body. Oishii was exactly what the name suggested – very tasty, creamy, full body, good bite.

pan seared Dungeness crab cake | mirliton salad | mustard lime sauce

I guessed it would be the last time I would be ordering crab cake of any form. It was the fourth time I ordered this dish (previously in McCormack’s SF, in Ruth’s Chris, in Orlando) and I concluded that it would only consist of mushy crab meat. The only saving grace here was the chunks of crab claws in the crab cake and delicious mustard lime sauce. Otherwise, it was a really fishy crab cake.

Tim’s cascade potato chip crusted fish and chips | westport rockfish | fries | onion rings

Tim’s cascade potato chip crusted fish and chips

The ocean floor just north of Westport, WA is home to a large rockfish and lingcod population. There were three pieces of rockfish, breaded and deep fried. Looked like a fantastic plate of fish and chips. Unfortunately the first piece I tucked into, I was overwhelmed by a strong smell of ammonia. The other two pieces were fine. So it must be that particular piece of fish.

Overall it was a great plate of fish and chips, except for that little mishap. But there was enough food even with two pieces of fish.

(PS: the manager was kind enough to waive this off my bill after I insisted that I don’t need a replacement or a complimentary dessert. Even after that, he insisted on giving me the dessert to take away which I refused because it was a very full dinner.)

Alaskan razor clam chowder | truffle oil | rustic vegetables | apple smoked bacon

Alaskan razor clam chowder

I ordered a cup instead of whole bowl and I regretted right after the first mouthful. The clam chowder was fulfilling and umami. Chunks of potatoes and a dash of truffle oil were gladly welcomed.


L2M-US-BLUESEA-11The Blueacre space was built in 2001, and initially housed a very high-end seafood restaurant called The Oceanaire Seafood Room. Co-Owner Kevin Davis was the opening chef of Oceanaire and did an amazing job of creating a seafood powerhouse in a city not typically friendly to large corporate ventures. Co-Owner Terresa Davis (wife of Kevin) also worked for Oceanaire as their accountant from 2002-2004. When the original Oceanaire went bankrupt in 2010, they took the opportunity (they were running their own restaurant Steelhead Diner down at Pike Place Market) to take over the place. Serendipity.

blueacre hall

The colours, music and environment of the restaurant are designed to inspire wonder at the beauty of change, and the beauty of nature. The blue signifies water, the ocean, a fresh start. The flag motifs are a nod to the America and the fact that they source 100% U.S. seafood.

Blueacre Seafood
1700 7th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101, United States
Tel : 206-659-0737

Date Visited : Oct 2019

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