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Brick Lane @ Hong Kong

Located in a shopping and business hub, Brick Lane serves all-day breakfast and English comfort food in Causeway Bay and is a cool and calm oasis to recuperate in the between or after vigorous shopping and hectic work.

Brick Lane is the creation of three bankers who collectively have roots in London’s eclectic Brick Lane area. Having opened the first Brick Lane in Tsim Sha Tsui (which quickly become a runaway Openrice favourite), they set about creating a second branch boasting similarly good vibes and good food Island-side! I definitely felt those good vibes as soon as I sat down, surrounded by British memorabilia.

Long black

The long black was a great break from the meetings in the morning.


Don’t expect a barista’s hand-pulled cappuccino. What you get is a good cuppa without the sophistication.

Caesar salad with grilled chicken

romaine lettuce, parmesan, anchovy dressing

Caesar salad with grilled chicken

This was a really good Caesar salad – there’s a very tasty anchovy sauce, and enough of it to coat every bit of romaine lettuce, but not too much that it’s dripping in liquid. I never understood why you would add something to the salad as it was supposed to be an entrée.

Red prawn linguine

Red prawn linguine

Carelessly placed shavings of parmesan cheese on a slightly overcooked linguine with a rich, umami-laden red prawn bisque sauce with tomatoes, this pasta was a bit small in size because it was so tasty.

Guinness meat pie

guinness, beef, puff

Guiness meat pie

What could be more British than a meat pie in a pub?

Guiness meat pie

It’s more like puff pastry cover in a small bowl of pie filling, quite disappointed.

Brick Lane

Service was the main differentiator for this bistro in CWP. Because of its proximity to a school, expect waiting mommies for their children.

Brick Lane @ CWB
G/F, Lee Garden Six, 111 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2736-8893

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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