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Crystal Jade Golden Palace @ Paragon

One of only three places in Singapore, in my humble opinion, that served good Peking ducks – Min Jiang at Rochester Park, Prima Revolving Restaurant and now the latest Crystal Jade Golden Palace.

Three-colours egg custard

Three-colours egg custard

Three type of eggs were used to make this custard – salted egg, century egg and normal egg. The white part combined both the salted egg white with normal egg. The yellow par contained the yokes as well as century egg. A very confusing yet harmonious taste ensure.

Mung bean noodles

Mung bean noodles

Spicy beef shank

Spicy beef shank

Doubled boiled huaishan (mountain yam) and mushrooms soup

Doubled boiled huaishan (mountain yam) and mushrooms soup

Shanghai bokchoy with garlic stirfry

Shanghai bokchoy with garlic stirfry

Peking Duck

Their signature Palace Peking Duck was roasted and smoked with the traditional lychee branch. Unlike the grandpapa of Peking Duck QuanJuDe 全聚德, Crystal Jade retained the taste but managed to do away with the greasiness and fats.

E-fu noodles with shredded duck meat

And there’s a second course when you order the whole duck. The extra duck meat can be shredded and  stir-fry with e-fu noodles for a satisfying end to the dinner.

[Updated: Dec 2016] Crystal Jade Golden Palace was awarded 1* for 2016

[Updated: Dec 2019] They lost their star in 2019

Crystal Jade Golden Palace
290 Orchard Road, Paragon Shopping Centre #05-22, Singapore 238850
Tel: +65 67346866

Date Visited: Apr 2014

Michelin Guide Singapore 1 Star 2016-2018

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