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Grandma’s Home 外婆家 @ Shenzhen

Grandma’s Home started in Hangzhou in 1998 and in the span of 20+ years expanded all over China. This is the second Grandma’s Home I have been to, the first being the more upmarket Grandma’s House in Shanghai.

Came here for lunch with a business associate to the spanking KK Mall, an upmarket mall in Shenzhen boasting the tallest St Regis in the 100 storey tower.

酒酿三品 three items in wine lees

酒酿三品 three items in wine lees

My favourite three items marinated in wine lees – pig stomach, boiled chicken, prawns – served cold and tender was a good start to the meal.

西湖藕韵 sweet lotus roots

西湖藕韵 sweet lotus roots

It has a beautiful Chinese name – 西湖藕韵 “West Lake Lotus Melody”, borrowing the homonyms between the Chinese words for 藕 lotus root and 偶 beautiful lady. It is flavoured with osmantheus flower 桂花, but too sweet for my taste.

茶香鸡 fragrant tea chicken

茶香鸡 fragrant tea chicken

Whole grilled chicken smoked in tea leaves, it has the savoury taste of chicken but a nice fragrant of Dragon’s Well tea.

外婆鱼头 grandma’s fish head

外婆鱼头 grandma’s fish head

Carp fish head steamed together with noodles.

腊味炒粉丝 preserved meat vermicelli

腊味炒粉丝 preserved meat vermicelli

My favourite for lunch – not oily and perfect wok hei.

外婆小炒肉 grandma’s fried pork

外婆小炒肉 grandma’s fried pork

Pork loin slices stir-fried with wood fungus.

外婆小牛肉 grandma’s beef cubes

外婆小牛肉 grandma’s beef cubes

Heavily spiced beef cube deep fried and stir-fried with peppercorn and black pepper. More like Hunanese food than Hangzhou cuisine.

The overall damage was less than ¥400, and enough food to feed 5 persons. Also, the environment and service were great too. A good place for a pleasant lunch.

Grandma’s Home 外婆家 (深圳KKMALL店)
+86 755 2298 5339

Date Visited : Oct 2019

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