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Shiye Japanese Buffet 食冶 @ Shenzhen

When I first went to Shanghai in 2003 to be stationed there, I was so impressed with their Japanese buffet and the amount of uni they give. Now I found something similar in Shenzhen.

Shiye Japanese Cuisine and Teppanyaki 食冶 offers ala carte style Japanese buffet. The quality of the sashimi was very high, and they were very prompt in serving the food. In about 30 min, you are already stuffed to the brim.

And the sashimi was not cheap stuff. There were Canadian shrimps, bluefin tuna, sea urchin (I think its either Canadian or Dalian), foie gras and much more. The only thing I was disappointed was the grilled ayu, but it was not the season, so I wasn’t too picky.


There’s no limit to how much you can order, and they will adjust the portions according to the number of people and whether is it the first round. But there’s a time limit (90 min), but it was ample time.

Recommended when you do not know what to eat and felt like Japanese.

Shiye Japanese Cuisine and Teppanyaki 食冶 日本料理 铁板烧 (福田石厦店)
Tel : 0755-83192211

Date Visited : Nov 2019

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