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Silvester’s @ Sydney

Seldom are restaurants in hotels that good, but Silvester’s in the Marriott Sydney Harbour is one of those exceptions.

Silvester’s took over the lobby area after the renovation of the hotel. I can’t even remember what was in that space before (a cafe), but when it first appeared, I wasn’t too sure about a casual dining space right at the foyer.

But after a couple of visits to Silvester’s, my view of the place changed and it has become my de facto choice if I want to dine in.

Usually I would have ordered oysters or some starters, but I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to go straight into the mains.

dry aged pinnacle rib sirloin 300g

dry aged pinnacle rib sirloin 300g

Great Southern Pinnacle Grass Fed Beef represents the epitome of grass fed beef—richly marbled while free from substances. Inspired by the lofty heights of the Great Dividing Range, the name ‘Pinnacle’ was chosen to represent the best of the bestie red meat.

Just like Kobe, the Pinnacle Beef cattle farmers formed an alliance to ensure everyone in the alliance followed the same strict codes of rearing the cattle – over 600 individual farming families produce Pinnacle Beef under JBS strict Farm Assurance program encompassing all aspects of animal welfare, whole of life traceability and food safety.

sides of mushrooms and broccolini

What I really appreciate is that they can do half sides (and half the price too), so you can pay the same AUD 18 for two side dishes when you are dining along. I dropped all carbs and went for two vegetables.

Steamed Broccolini – Black sesame dressing

The black sesame dressing was the highlight of this side. Salted and fragrant, I even used it to flavour the steak for that extra oomph.

Choi’s Farm Mushrooms – Parsley & garlic butter

Choi’s Farm is located at Kemps Creek, 30 minutes from Sydney Flemington Market. The farm mainly grown the White Oyster, Pink Oyster, Yellow Oyster, Pearl, Shimeji and Chestnut mushrooms. The medley of mushrooms with chopped parsley and garlic butter was delicious.

served with signature “cafe de paris” sauce

Café de Paris sauce is a complex butter-based sauce served with grilled beef. The sauce was first popularised in the 1940s by the Café de Paris restaurant in Geneva, then owned by Arthur-François (Freddy) Dumont, and entrecôte Café de Paris remains the restaurant’s speciality.

The recipe of the sauce remains one of the mystery of the steak world. But Silvester’s made a rather convincing and delicious Café de Paris sauce of their own.

medium rare and juicy

The dry aging intensified the flavours for a really good piece of sirloin. And surprising the meat was sous vide and finalised on the grill for that extra flavour. The inside remained pink and moist and tender because of the sous vide process. Overall a very delicious piece of steak.

raspberry and lychee

Raspberry & Lychee Hibiscus gel, meringue

Because of the very rich sauce and juicy steak, I need something tangy and sweet to balance the meal. The waitress suggested something else for dessert, thinking that guys would not like something too sweet or sour. This was exactly what she described – tangy and sweet.

But I really enjoyed the hibiscus gel that covered the lychee sorbet below. The raspberry meringue was like candy drops on top of that gel. Very satisfying end to the dinner.


The tab came with a coupe of mignardises, a sweet truffle chocolate and a tangy cream-filled cones.

Service is great, and the food even better. One of the better hotel restaurants I have been to. You can order it as room service, but I suggest that you come downstairs and enjoy the food and people watching.

Bulletin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
Tel : 02 9259 7330

Date Visited : Dec 2019

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